Time is a funny thing.  When I was a kid, it seemed to me that time dragged on slowly, sometimes painfully so.  I guess to any child anticipating Christmas, a birthday, or their first trip to Disney World, time can never move quickly enough.

Fast forward about forty years and now for me, time marches on at an unrelenting, unforgiving tempo.  Don’t misunderstand; there are times that the cadence slows.  But other times it’s like a treadmill set just a little faster than I can comfortably walk.  It is those times in particular that God makes Himself real to me.

These thoughts are so real to me, particularly in relationship to the ministry the Lord has given to me since August 31, 2008, my first Sunday as pastor of Cherry Street Baptist Church.  These last two years have been an exciting journey laid out by the Lord.  We have seen so many people come to Christ, in our services, in their homes, in restaurants.   New believers are learning and growing in their walk with Christ.  Believers who had wandered away from the Lord have been reclaimed and are once again serving the Lord.  What a journey!

In the last two years we have seen God bring together a wonderful team, our church staff.  Our deacons, trustees, Sunday School leaders and other workers are taking their responsibilities to the Lord and His church very seriously.  Our church family is becoming more focused internally on loving each other and those the Lord sends our way.  We are also turning outwardly, accepting our responsibility to take the gospel personally to those in our community and collectively to the whole world.

I would not pretend to say that it has all been fun.  As a sinful man dealing with sinful people, we are always going to deal with the struggles that result from sinful choices.  But following the principles laid out in God’s Word in how we respond in such situations allows God to get the glory even in those circumstances.

As you read Psalm 46, there is a crescendo of emotion as the Psalmist walks through a myriad of difficulties brought on by nature and by evil doers.  At the conclusion, he quotes the Lord and then affirms his situation:  “Be still and know that I am God…..The Lord of hosts in with us,” (v10-11).   What a wonderful thing to know that God is at work, and is with us!

I am still anticipating the wonderful things that are set out before me.  But it’s not Disney World or a birthday, and they are not coming slowly!  I am looking forward every day to see what God will do!  He has already done “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think,”  (Ephesians 3:20).